Anand Chitley


A lawyer, who started his career with Kirloskar Proprietary Ltd. (KPL) and is there for more than two decades. KPL looks after various legal and I.P. related matters of Kirloskar group. KPL being the owner of mark / copyright ‘Kirloskar’ has given license to use the mark / copyright ‘Kirloskar’ to various companies in Kirloskar group. During his long tenure in KPL, he held various Managerial positions in the company. Presently he heads KPL.

Apart from protecting & promoting the brand ‘Kirloskar’, KPL also manages initiatives to conserve the environment by organising various activities like Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival (KVIFF), Kirloskar Eco Rangers, Eco bazar and related activities every year.

One strong belief at Kirloskar is to protect and preserve the environment and mother earth and leave it for the next generation in better condition than what we inherited. To achieve this, our factories in Kirloskar group are run in environment friendly manner and all our products & projects follow the norms prescribed scrupulously. Our factories also promote and participate in local programmes organised by us under KVIFF banner to spread conservation awareness.