Arti Kirloskar is an embodiment of someone who gives concrete form to abstract ideas. This spectacle arises due to her artistic background that involves a dance between the many memories and experiences she possesses. Putting education at the heart of her work is what makes Arti Kirloskar the powerhouse she is.

She currently heads the S.L. Kirloskar CSR Foundation as Director and spearheads initiatives related to the field of hygiene education and education of underprivileged children, that encourages employees of Kirloskar to work as volunteers in facilitating training programmes and developing soft skills in children. The aim is to sensitise volunteers about the stream of social issues that flood children’s well-being and steer the narrative into a pragmatic direction.

Arti Kirloskar is the Patron of INTACH, a society that works towards conserving Pune’s heritage. Instilling a humanistic approach, she is on a constant journey of finding herself and connecting with others. Arti Kirloskar is sketching the way to a utopian future that endorses positivity and purpose.