In the language of ancient India, Mother Earth was called “Vasundhara”. She was revered for Her fertile soul and limitless wealth. When we embarked on a journey inspired by the collective consciousness of society to put cause to concern, we wanted to pay homage to Her generosity. That’s how Kirloskar Vasundhara came to be. What started in 2007 as a small industrial exhibition in Pune, eventually grew in size, stature and spirit spanning over 30 cities in just four years. Today, Kirloskar Vasundhara has built a platform that educates, inspires and encourages change across the world. Change that is essential to preserve and protect our natural resources at all costs.

Starting with the Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival to organising on-ground film activities, Kirloskar Vasundhar’s initiatives encompass the true soul of the mission. Over the years, more than 1000 renowned environmentalists, conservationists, ecologists and experts have shared their knowledge and love for nature on the Kirloskar Vasundhara that attracts a footfall of 50,000 to 60,000 each year. This response reaffirmed our commitment to reimagine our relationship with nature. In doing so, we set in motion numerous initiatives such as the restoration of the Ram nadi, Agrani river and the Rankala Lake.

The year 2021 saw India’s first and only international film festival go global, consequently inspiring people the world over to take on environmental responsibilities. We, at Kirloskar Vasundhara, aspire to empower everyone to harmoniously coexist with nature by endorsing a vision that sparks a conversation and mobilises a movement. Together, we can save the planet. Because, together we are limitless. 



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Kinship can ignite a common goal. Friendship can fuel the passion to achieve it. Bound by our commitment to build a new world, we can work together to make it healthy, green and glorious .

Whether we partner together or we conduct an initiative for you, as long as we are committed to preserve and protect nature, we are Friends of Vasundhara.