We envision a future where the rivers flow, uninterrupted. For this, we aim to build a holistic and sustainable model for restoring the rivers of India. Because we believe that ever-flowing rivers will foster a peaceful and prosperous society where future generations can enjoy the bounty of nature. With this hope in our hearts and strength in our resolve, we envision this movement to be a ‘Ram-Nadi Sansad’ - A People’s Movement.


With a firm focus on improving the condition of Ram Nadi through collaborative implementation which will reform our relationship with water, we are on a mission to rejuvenate the entire Ram Nadi basin ecologically and culturally. Our mission is built on three principles:

1. To employ an ecological approach across the river basin
2. To engage all stakeholders
3. To develop and encourage ecological sanitation and a sustainable, toxin-free lifestyle among residents


Our ambitious mission to restore the Ram Nadi is put into action through various means at different levels by involving people, NGOs and CSOs, Corporates and Government entities. We will build awareness and increase sensitivity of the civil society towards the river through knowledge sharing programmes, involve all the stakeholders in the different undertakings and undertake the Ram Nadi Parikrama. To improve the current state of the river we will implement river cleaning programmes and educate the residents alongside the river basin on water literacy. Simultaneously, we will strengthen our knowledge and understanding of the Ram Nadi by conducting periodic surveys, monitoring its health card, and mapping the cultural, natural and historical elements of the river.

We will action ecological improvements and remediation by preparing an ecological plan. This would include restoring the riverbanks and removing obstructions by identifying and addressing the interventions which impede the river flow. We will put in place Soil Moisture Conservation (SMC) and control the Invasive Alien Species (IAS) of flora and fauna across the river basin. We will conduct native tree plantations to augment the green cover and improve the hyporheic zone and riparian vegetation. We will address the recharge and discharge zones of groundwater and set quantitative and qualitative measures for alleviating the river’s state.

With all these plans in action, we will encourage a sustainable lifestyle for the residents around the river basin. We will hold awareness sessions on reducing domestic waste and sewage and foster organic farming in the river stretches.

Robust discussions and collaborative action power our commitment for a deeper cause related to water and land use at the global stage. We keep abreast of cutting-edge technology and innovations, matching our efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals put in place by the world.



The Online Ram Nadi Film Festival is organised to create a shared platform of knowledge. Here, experts from different walks of life with a commitment to restore the lifelines of India, share their views, insights, and action plan with the world through thought-provoking films and panel discussions.


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