Shantanu Prasad is a Wildlife Photographer, Naturalist, Researcher, Conservationist, Author & an Entrepreneur. For the past 11 years he has spent around 60,000 hours into the wild habitats of India, Nepal & Africa exploring, documenting and conserving different endangered wildlife. A Biotech engineer by profession, his knowledge helped him to pursue an all rounder role in the Wildlife field with a clear scientific understanding.

He specialises in setting up Research & Conservation projects on endangered species in different unprotected habitats. He started a sustainable tourism project focusing on Red Panda conservation involving locals and the community called 'Habre's Nest' in Singalila Himalayas. They do research & conservation work on Red Panda from the profit of Wildlife Tourism run by Habre's Nest. He also had a similar project on Fishing Cat at Howrah called 'Baghrol Basa'. His images have been published in many prestigious Magazines like WWF, Saevus, Better Photography, Sanctuary Asia etc. As a naturalist he assisted wildlife filming teams that have been published on Discovery, Animal Planet etc. His research work was published on IUCN cat news. He is also the co-author of the Bird field guide book of West Bengal called 'Banglar PakhPakhali'. "Ultimately it's all about the love for Wildlife and passion for Photography where all my energies are spent to save them”, says Shantanu.