With a relentless desire to behold the colours of every feather and enjoy the splendour of its plumage on the screen, Jainy has travelled far and wide across the Indian subcontinent and several foreign lands with the intent of photographing the rich avian life on this planet. Having photographed over 1100 birds in India alone, her lens has also painted over 50 species of Indian mammals.

With a doctorate in Chemistry who only took to bird watching a decade ago and very soon to serious bird photography, Jainy is known to live out of her suitcase. From the north-east regions of India, the exotic bird havens of Papua New Guinea in search of the Birds of Paradise, to Alaska in search of the snowy owl, she has wings on her feet helping her shoot across the globe in order to create marvellous images of bird-life as only she can. Her photographs have adorned the pages of several national and international magazines, scientific journals and bird books of great repute.