Vinod Bodhankar

Vasundhara Sanman

In 1988 he gave up a career in IT and started Vishwasanskruti Ashram, Tulapur, Pune where he taught Healing & Leadership-Ethics and contribute ‘Vishwasanskruti Vision and Mass-Motivation Techniques’ to Environment Initiatives of Government & of NGOs. Worked for Protection & Rejuvenation of Pune Rivers Mula, Mutha, Pavna, Indrayani, Ramnadi & Devnadi through the Jal-Jana-Jodo approach and currently involved in the Water-Literacy activities in the whole country. Since 2011, as Co-Founder & Joint Director of TAA- Sagarmitra Abhiyaan, recruited 1,75,000 students in the 6 cities of Pune, Jalgaon, Wai, Kota, New York (USA) and Beni Mellal (Morocco) and have networked different recyclers to receive the recollected plastic in each place thus saving countless fish and birds from waste plastic. Founder member of Ramnadi Restoration Mission.