Vihang Mandal

Vasundhara Mitra

Established in 1994 with the objectives of doing research on wildlife and nature conservation, compiling scientific information about biodiversity in the region and creating awareness about the local varieties of birds and other living beings, the Vihang Mandal aims to establish meaningful and positive dialogue about government and non-government schemes related to environmental issues. They arrange nature camps, trails, lectures and exhibitions with the sole purpose of encouraging the youth to do research on nature and the environment. So far, they have organised the 16th State Level Friends of Birds gathering and have successfully implemented the ban on sale of wild lizards (Ghorpad) in the local markets. They have actively participated in the Maldhok census (the Great Indian Bustard) conducted by the Department of Forests. The Mandal have made provisions for Nisarg Katta, a monthly forum for nature lovers. They even publish a checklist of birds in the Solapur region.