Sudhakar Deshmukh

Vasundhara Mitra

Sudhakar Deshmukh has always given priority to the trees in all walks of his daily life. He has taken up a resolution of planting 11 crore trees – yes he very well knows, it’s not an easy task. While getting married he performed his Hindu religious rituals in front of a sapling, not the traditional Agni (holy fire). The gifts and presents received and given on this occasion were saplings. Anyone can obtain saplings for free from his nursery. So far he has planted more than 50,000 trees and he cares for them, too. Indians are always celebrating one festival or other; realising this Sudhakar uses this opportunity to highlight the importance of greenery to the people through lectures, poems, and folktales. On the occasion of the Annual Palkhi procession of Saint Tukaram he carries a Vruksha-Dindi (a parade of trees).