Subhedar Baburao Pethkar

Vasundhara Mitra

He is from Peth, Latur district. He knows general nursing; was a reporter, has a diploma in neurology and is trained in water conservation. He has served in medical section of the Indian Army during the Indo-China war.After retirement, since 1990, he dedicated himself to tasks such as barren land development, tree plantation,groundwater restoration etc. He has run eco-friendly projects, rooftop rainwater collection, road rainwater collection, organic Rangoli (traditional powdery paint) to name a few. His crowning work is that of a ‘butterfly garden’; created on his own 13000 sqft. land near the local Kambar lake. Mr. Pethkar has helped many butterfly varieties survive which play a major role in pollination and agro production. He has studied their liking towards certain plants and has cultivated them in the garden.