Shekamma Hucchappa Vani

Vasundhara Mitra

When Shekamma Hucchappa and her husband Huchhappa of Kallu Tavaragera village of Koppal district got their share of land from their family, it was nothing but 3 acres full of rocks. She decided to take up agriculture on this rock-strewn place and brought soil from nearby tanks. She applied a layer of soil (about 2 ft. thick) on the rocks. She then planted Crossandra (Kanakambara flowers) and earned Rs 7,000 from her very first harvest. Since then, she has been putting in a lot of hard work to make things happen. She transported more soil from 2 to 3 tanks in the surrounding areas with the help of tractors. She did vermi-composting and cultivated groundnut, maize, jowar. Now she is an expert in paddy cultivation too. Over the past years, she has managed to get a rich harvest of hundreds of fruits. She took up the challenge and made the rocky stretch fertile. She has been awarded with many honours. Nowadays, she guides the students of agricultural colleges.