Shailendra Patel

Vasundhara Sanman

Founder member of two Conservation Projects: The Rejuvenation of Natural Water Sources and Service of the Water Gods, his work in decontamination and rejuvenation of water bodies, under the ‘SagarmitraAbhiyan’, removing sludge from wells, is exceptional, and hisparticipatory work in DrRajendra Singh Rana’s ‘Jalbiradari’ is exemplary. Patel seeks to propagate the ancient wisdom of ‘NakshatraVruksha’ by disseminating information on the best possible methods of planting trees with medicinal properties and value. He has also afforested cremation sites and transformed them into parks. A passionate campaigner of plastic literacy, he travels with his mission to schools, educating schoolchildren about the hazards of water and land pollution caused by plastic. Conferred the VasundharaSanman for his outstanding work in water, forest and environment conservation.