Ronak Gajjar

Bhuj, Gujarat

A Bhuj-based experienced environmental journalist & wildlife photographer from Gujarat, Mr Gajjar has been working for the Gujarati newspaper Divya Bhaskar since 2007, writing on subjects like Wildlife, Environment, and Climate Change with an extensive background in delivering captivating visual, written, and online pieces.

He loves engaging in projects by diving headfirst into research, investigation, and production of the stories he feels are newsworthy. A curious and proactive journalist, he is interested in the latest digital media trends and is passionate about the future of online storytelling. Writing not only in Gujarati but also in Hindi sets him apart in environmental journalism, as he disseminates information in the local languages of India, thus reaching millions more than those only writing about such issues in English.

One of his major breaking stories was about how the last male Great Indian Bustard went missing from Gujarat leaving only female Great Indian Bustards in the state.

For two years, his Sunday column in Gujarati 'Kudarat ni Kedie’ (On the way of nature) was the first-ever focused column on busting myths about wildlife, and spreading the message of conservation which helped threatened species like the Leopard, Caracal, and Honey Badger.

His most viral article was about not feeding birds Ganthiya and Oily food – the article was titled "You are committing a sin by feeding birds, and not gaining any punya". His message touched the hearts of thousands across Gujarat and people stopped feeding oily and junk food to birds across the state.