Rajendra Nannavare

Vasundhara Mitra

Socially inclined since his college days, Rajendra has been playing an important role in steering the movement to save jungles in the Satpuda range. Under the SatpudaBachao (Save Satpuda) movement, he has been associated with agitations to prevent encroachments, organizing seminars and conferences, conducting studies on tigers and their abodes, tracing existence of Forest Owlet in Yaval Sanctuary, and so on. He was actively supported by his colleagues, VinodPatil and AbhayUzgare. He was conferred with many awards including ‘YuvaParyavaranPuraskar’- 2009, ‘VrukshamitraPuraskar’- 2011, and ‘VasundharaMitraPuraskar’- Nashik- 2012.