Rajasaheb Kirdant

Vasundhara Mitra

Once Rajasaheb Kirdant visited the prosperous ‘Hiwre Bazaar’ village his outlook changed completely. He aimed to work for only 5 important things – water, land, forests, animals and people. He has assumed cultivation of trees as his sole responsibility and has started off this crusade by planting a sapling in the bus stand of Jalgaon. He always carries a packet of various seeds and a trowel in his shoulder-bag. The moment he notices a place suitable for a tree he plants a seed there and never forgets to care for it later! He even celebrates the birthdays of his trees. He aims for raising 10,000 trees. Noticing his dedication everybody helps him in his task. In Hindu rituals and festivals, trees such as Wad (banyan), Pimpal and Umbar are very important. Rajasaheb used this public reverence to protect those trees at various locations.