Professor P.R. Pardeshi

Vasundhara Mitra

Professor P. R. Pardeshi started the environmental movement in Jalgaon district. He has done his M.A. in Micro Science. While working as librarian at Pratap College, he started learning about the environment of wild animals and birds. He has an earnestness and affection about the Satpura Mountain since that’s where he spent most of his time as a young boy. He has focused on solving problems of Satpura and has also translated Ernest Hemingway’s Nobel Prize winner novel ‘The old man and the sea’ into Marathi by the name’ Zunzar Sagari Shikari’. He was the director of W.F. at Amalner for 15 successive years. He was a board member of the Peahen Development Project and is the founder chairman of ‘Garudzep’ association.