Prof. K P Chaudhary

Vasundhara Mitra

Mr. Chaudhary’s native place is Phulgaon of Bhusawal district. Currently he is a professor of environmental Science in R K Talreja College at Ulhasnagar. Mr. Chaudhary studied the ‘Environmental Impact Audit’ (EIA) report about the four-lane widening of Dhule-Akola highway and pointed out serious lacunae in it. He also presented an alternative to the govt., with reduction of the environmental damage, in the public hearing about this issue. He has studied the severe effects on the surroundings (esp. on the soil, air and water) caused by the heat given out by Deep Nagar Thermal power project. He also provided relevant technical information to the NGOs and saw that justice is meted out, time and again. Mr. Chaudhary has carried out a major part regarding environmental issues. Phulgaon, his native village, has received the ‘Ideal Village’ award.