Jalmitra Foundation, Majale

Vasundhara Mitra

Jalmitra Foundation is working for watershed development of the village, Majale. Though, there is highest rainfall in Kolhapur district, Majale village comes under low rainfall area. There was water scarcity after Jeanery in this village. Due to deep ground water level there was major problem of drinking water. The people started selling their lands.

Considering all these things, the young group from this village came together in 2018 & started their work for watershed development. They visited many such villages like Hivare Bajar, Velu, which achieved success in water independency with the help of collective efforts.

With the help of new techniques, machinery & people’s participation, they made check dams, CCT & dip CCT, gully control structure, loose bolder structures (LBS) nalla, bunds, percolation tanks, ponds, plantations for rain water harvesting.

The college & school students, villagers, volunteers, women SHGs participated in various Shramdan activities. They harvested more 300 ml of rainfall in their village area.

Naam Foundation team, Paani Foundation team, Hivare Bajar team visited Majale village & appreciated their efforts.

3 year’s efforts resulted into increase in ground water level of Majale village. Social harmony within all the communities is increased.