DW-Eco India

Berlin, Germany

DW or Deutsche Welle, meaning the “German wave” – The organization is a German state-owned international broadcaster funded by the federal tax budget in Germany which is the most successful and relevant information media outlet broadcasting since 1953, currently available in 32 languages. The DW Eco India is an environmental visual magazine dedicated to the amazing Indian subcontinent, showcasing environmental and social projects that are improving lives in India and Europe. The show features compelling themes like environment, sustainability, technology and related social topics of Asia and Europe. The magazine engages the viewer about the energy of tomorrow, alternative resource management, future of mobility, urbanisation, biodiversity, conservation and sustainable consumption, effect of climate change, inequality and innovative technologies, amongst other pressing environmental and social challenges. The magazine facilitates an interactive platform where viewers can tell their own stories with photos and videos, about their ideas and initiatives, helping to inspire and find constructive solutions for the challenges of today. The magazine Eco India highlights the stories, people, challenges and innovations changing India’s approach to environmental issues through a personal approach focusing on individuals and local projects – one person, city and region at a time. Some of their noteworthy episodes include entrepreneurial solutions to metropolitan waste management, cleaning India’s dirtiest rivers and fighting noise pollution in Mumbai while at the same time touching upon European cities and sustainable practices that demonstrate how environmental preservation is truly a global issue and requires international cooperation. The Magazine show, was awarded the Intermedia globe silver prize in the “Documentaries: Sustainability” category at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg.