Dr. V.T. Patil Foundation

Vasundhara Mitra

Dr. V.T. Patil Foundation is a well-known NGO from Kolhapur. The main objective of this NGO is to provide informal education to rural people for their sustainable development.

The NGO is working for women empowerment through various types of trainings & providing social services for self-reliance.

To provide support services for organization for self-reliance, livelihood, health, education, social consciousness. To contribute to overall development women empowerment. To provide money, credit & prestige to farmers. To reform rural culture in development manner.

NGO’s various initiatives: 1) Workshops for youth, farmers, women & school children 2) Free legal & family counselling 3) Awareness & health checkup for camps for the rural people as well for poor & needy people from Kolhapur. 4) Trainings about millets & agro based products & its marketing. 5) Literature & trainings for women SHGs for their empowerment. 6) Various competitions & awards for women SHGs, school children & farmers. 7) CSR initiatives of companies for sustainable development. 8) Trainings like organic manure, backyard poultry farming, goat farming, mushroom farming, group farming, etc. for the rural people. 9) Training given to more than 50,000 women & 10,000 + women started their small business. The NGO’s social work is appreciated on state & national level.