Dr. Mallinath Kalashetti

Vasundhara Sanman

Coming from a small village near Akkalkot, he has done M. Sc. in Mathematics. He has successfully implemented ‘Sant Gadgebaba Swachhata Abhiyan’ and ‘Paryavaranpurak Gaon’ schemes as a government officer. When he was Collector of Nadurbar district, sudden heavy rains caused floods and the whole village got affected. He himself worked hard on the ground level with people’s participation and helped the villagers to come out of that natural calamity. That village is now known as ‘Mallinath Nagar’ by his name. As a commissioner of Kolhapur district, he has implemented cleaning program of Rankala, Panchaganga, various gardens in the city very effectively. In recent floods, because of his timely done cleaning work many lives are saved. Plantation, water conservation, cleanliness, avoiding plastic use are his motives of life.