Dr. Kishore Pawar

Vasundhara Mitra

Dr. Kishore Pawar, is B. Sc. in Biology, M. Sc. in Botany and has done his Ph. D. in ‘Pollution studies’ in the Nagada, due to the Birla Industrial Complex discharges in 1981. He is a professor and head of the Seed Technology Dept, Holkar Science College, Indore. He is a popular science writer and communicator. More than 50 research papers written by him have been published in national and international journals. He has produced 10 interactive films with EMRC DAVV on Environmental Science. He has written 4 books on botany and 3 more are under print. He has planted about 2000 trees on Holkar College Campus since 2005. He is working as the Link Officer, M.P. State Biodiversity Board, Bhopal.