Atul Deuolgaonkar

Vasundhara Sanman

Atul Deulgaonkar from Marathwada region of Maharashtra is known for his books like ‘Dalmalale Bhumandal’, ‘Laurie Baker’, ‘Swaminathan – BhukMukticha Dhyas’, ‘Bakhar Paryavarnachi’ and ’Viveki Paryavaranwadyachi’. He is working passionately in the field of environmental awareness through his writings. He has been appointed as a member of civil journal on ‘Drinking Water and Hiegene in India’ by Water Aid International in 2009. He was a member of advisory board on Central Employment Assurance Scheme by Indian Government. He has participated in number of International Conferences, especially on climate change. He writes articles and columns in leading Marathi & English newspapers & weeklies, on the topic of environment, agriculture, disaster management, development as well as science & technology. He participates as an expert in many programmes on various news channels.He has received many awards for his environmental work in the field of awareness. Out of them, the one by ‘Mumbai Patrakar Parishad’ and other by ‘The Statesman’ of Calcutta for National Rural Journalism are important. His book on environmnt ‘ Bakhar Paryavaranachi…’ got an award by Maharashtra Government.