Anita Yogesh Malge

Kirloskar Vasundhara Sanman

Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modiji invited her through video conferencing in a famous programme 'Man Ki Baat' to discuss women's empowerment and millet production. She is the Chairman of Yashaswini Agro Producer Company for the upliftment of women and implementing plans for economic development. She actively participated in government schemes like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Jalyukta Shivar, Yojana Athwadi Bazar, Shetkari Women's Group, NABARD JLG for successful implementation. Under her guidance organic farming scheme is running on 500 hectares in which 1000 trees were planted and conserved. As Solapur district is a leader in the production of millet, a group of women under her leadership have been produced 12 types of Millet Biscuits and Cookies, Cakes, Lahya, Pohe Rava, Chakali Ladoo, Shevaya Papad and Sandgae etc. and participated in various exhibitions at state and national level.