Anil Mahajan

Vasundhara Mitra

Anil Mahajan is well known from last 10 years in Jalgoan for flourishing the tradition of bird watchers in Jalgoan district. He studies the birds and also treats the injured ones to release them again in their natural habitat in Hatnur and Warangaon, in Jalgaon district. He has selected Jacobin Cuckoo and Red Avadavat (lal Munia) for the first time for detailed study. He has also studied and recorded the information about the birds migrated to Taapi, the largest water reservoir in the district. He has listed 225 birds in Ordinance factory-Warangaon region and is studying those distinctively.From his extraordinary learning of knitting specialty of Tambat Bird he has created a unique documentary.To study this, one has to observe continuously with patience and perseverance. Continuous wandering in sanctuaries, special study on the birds found in the areas of Melghat, Gulamal, Nandur, Yaval and Gaoutala sanctuary and Kasa Plateau. Anil Mahajan works at Ordinance factory-Warangaon.He has undertaken the conservation of Satpuda forest through Jacobin Cuckoo Nature club.