Sanjay Patil


Sanjay Patil completed his B.Sc. (Chemistry) and B.Tech from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai, before acquainting himself with the BAIF Development Research Foundation in Pune. He has worked as Senior Thematic Programme Executive, based at Jawhar in Palghar district for more than 15 years, apart from conducting research and extension on agrobiodiversity for nutrition, livelihood and climate change. He is an active member of ghd Research Advisory Committee and Management Committee ICAR, NBPGR, New Delhi, Government of India. Sanjay Patil has conserved and revived more than 600 crop landraces of rice, millet, maize, sorghum, beans and pulses while simultaneously undertaking research on morphological, molecular and nutritional studies. Not only has he opened five community seed banks in the tribal blocks of Maharashtra, but has also published 10 research papers along with 25 articles and 5 books which have been presented at National and International conferences. He has been associated with various National Institutes, NGOs and research institutes.

For his valuable contribution to conservation and promotion of indigenous crop diversity, he has been granted one International as well as five National and State awards.