Dr. Marseline & Saramma Almeda

Vasundhara Sanman

Maharashtra is proud of the huge contribution of Dr. Marceline Almeda towards Botany. Native to Sawantwadi in Sindhudurg district Dr. Almeda is a well-known plant taxonomist. With wife Saramma – who is a botanist herself – Marceline has written six volumes of ‘Flora of Maharashtra’. 28 research papers on the Indian Botany are to his credit. Dr. Almeda has worked with numerous national and international institutes as a plant taxonomist and he is on the working committee of the Bombay Natural History Society; he is the honorary editor of their botanical periodical, too. He is a member of the committee appointed by the govt. of Maharashtra to study native medicinal plants. He, again as a member of the evaluation committee, looks into forestry and social forestry projects. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Prince of Wales museum in Mumbai, a fellow of ‘Maharashtra Academy of Sciences’ and a life-member of ‘World Wildlife Fund’, too. He has particularly researched about naming & classification of plants of Konkan and the Devrais (plantations attatched to temples) in Sindhudurg district. Even in his 70s, Dr. Almeda arranges seminars for school- and college students.