Chaitram Pawar

Vasundhara Sanman

Mr Chaitram Pawar lifted the name of Baripada village in Dhule district to international level by conserving forest of about 1100 Acres area, and has established new example in Sahyandri and Satpuda. When there was deforestation on Satpuda, a highly educated youngster changes his village and also the area nearby with the help of the locals; this is an inspiring incidence to the young generation. 400 Rock dams and leveled channels were built around Baripada from proletariat. Apart from this 9 cement dams and 16 percolation lakes are created with the help of government and they are used for water conservation. From proletariat many trees are planted every year. With the help of Janseva foundation rice, potato, wheat, vegetables plantation is underway in Baripada thus making it independent. The village also has contributed in family planning and 70% females already have gone for tubectomy.