Arnab Pratim Dutta

Vasundhara Mitra - Filmmaker

Arnab Pratim Dutta is a multimedia editor at the Center for Science and Environment at New Delhi.

Mr Dutta was the principal architect who initiated a Youtube channel called ‘Down to Earth’, that gives the latest news, opinion and analysis on issues of environment and science across India, South Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Center for Science and Environment, where Mr Dutta works, have produced nationally and internationally acclaimed films on agriculture and farming. The topics covered through the short films include ecology, energy, health, industry, agriculture, pollution, community-based initiatives and water management. Some of the top stories by ‘Down to Earth’ are; Aanandaa Farms: How degraded land was converted into a beautiful food forest; An incredible natural food forest grown in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India; The Aranya story: turning barren land into a food forest using permaculture; How a small farmer can earn Rs.15 lakh from multilayer farming; How a Kerala couple built a sustainable mud house and forest of their dreams. Sharp editing, easy-to-reproduce features and news briefs of closely examined technological developments are the highlights of their film making.